Aspiring Adult Drummers:

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You paid for their ballet lessons, music lessons, sports equipment, bicycles, clothes, Summer camp, clothing, cell phones, and more!

You cheered when they scored a goal, applauded when the performed in a show, cried when they got hurt and laughed when they were funny!

Now it's your turn...

You're a Drummer if You:

  • Always wanted to learn how to play the drums but never had the time

  • Want to learn how to play in a fun, easy to follow method!

  • Go to concerts and always watch the drummer and think, "I want to do that"!

  • Can already play the drum fill to Phil Collin's "Something In the Air Tonight" (lol!)

  • Want to sit in at a local open jam or play a song with a friend's band!

  • Love the idea of being with a group of like minded people who also love music and playing!

  • Feel a connection with music and want to be a part of it!

Rock'n Drums Club is for learning how to play the drums from experienced professional drummers, along with a limited number of other students in a combination of personal one-on-one lessons, virtual group drumming sessions, and live playing, This is a first-of-its-kind intensive, fully immersive program.

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Here's What We Will Be Covering In This Presentation

Suspending Reality

Seriously! When we get together nothing else will matter. The world is not going to end, so during the time that we are learning together you'll be able to turn off the outside distractions and fully immerse yourself in the rhythms of music and how to drum along, play, and move with it.


Learning good habits at the beginning of your drumming journey will make it easier for you to continue and progress more quickly. We'll go over all the best practices for holding the drum sticks, arm movement, wrist action, foot action, and being fully centered to create solid playing.

Virtual Studio

Your drum lesson journey will include your own individual online lessons, and, exclusive access to my weekly virtual studio group lesson. Here you will meet other students at the same level as you are. We will all collaborate, discuss each lesson, answer questions, and play!


The Best Part of My Week

My kids are older and I now finally have "me time". Learning how to play the drums was always on my bucket list and when a friend gave me their electronic drum kit, I knew it was time. I'm so glad I met Roger. We connected immediately, and I have to say that our lesson time is what I look forward to the most each week.

I have so much fun especially when we rock out to!

Andrea P.

Fun and Easy!

Roger is so patient, he's a saint! He has helped me break through to where I was actually keeping a beat and playing along to a song by the end of our first lesson. I'm a cancer survivor and I've learned to no longer wait to do something that I really I want to do.

Roger taught my son, and now he's also teaching me. This is one of the best decisions I've made. He's like the Zen Master of drumming.

Tara W.

I'm An Old Dog

I recently got remarried and used to play years ago when I was a lot younger. For my wedding, as a surprise for my wife and guests, I wanted to sit in with the band and play Smash Mouth's All Star song.

I met Roger and boy was he good. We took the song section by section, worked on the beats, the stops, and of course making sure I counted. It was a big hit and the highlight of the party.

Neil B.

Roger Schnur

Instructor and CEO of Rockn Drums

Starting at the age of nine, I began studying with Walter Rosenberger, then the lead percussionist of the New York Philharmonic. My studies continued with a local New Jersey session drummer, Ralph Bibeau, followed by Stony Brook University/Music and William Paterson University under Ray DeRouches.

Since then, I have been teaching, recording and performing live with numerous bands in the tri-state area for over 40 years. More recently I helped launch and run the drum program at River Rock Music School in Ardsley, NY. Now I teach at Lagond Music School and during the Summer I run the bucket drumming activities for the Next Level Boys and Girls Day Camps in New Rochelle, NY and Saddle River, NJ.

I teach students of all ages from 8 to 80 in person and online. Age really doesn’t matter as long as you can hold a pair of drumsticks and count to four!

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